CFDA's 2014 Fashion Icon Winner - Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty

Rihanna has always been one of my celebrity style muses. I am so happy for her on winning this award because no other celebrity deserves it except her. She uses fashion to express herself, she uses it to push "boundaries" society sets and she even inspires and more dares us to be more brave in our expression of life.

The dress Rihanna chose to wear was nothing short of stunning and appropriate. What else do you wear to receive a fashion icon award? except an iconic look. She simply was that, iconic and this look will always be referred to as one of the best and most daring looks in fashion for many years to come.

 She looked awe-inspiring in a 1920's inspired ensemble designed by Adam Selman. The dress was covered in 216,000 swarovski crystals and took the phrase "shine bright like a diamond" quite literally.
 I fell in love with this look as it is inspired by one of my favorite fashion eras, the flapper era, reminiscent of 1920's and 1930's fashion.
 Another reason why I loved this look is because it caused me to think about my boundaries in fashion and my voice as a woman, in terms of self expression. I see no other way that you could accept a icon award but with an iconic look and I think Rihanna understood that. And why wear anything else when your body is covered in crystals? lol
From the fashion perspective this choice makes a whole lot of sense and personally I feel a woman should be free to express herself how she sees fit. Anyone for that matter, man or woman, and personally I choose to live vicariously though Rihanna.

Let's face it she is such a mesmerizing and polarizing figure because she reflects to us what we are all afraid to do, to live out loud, live audaciously without regard for everyone else's judgement. This does not mean bearing our breasts but in even the simplest of things like stating a true opinion or feeling or going with the career path you really want or chasing dreams. We are held back by messages subliminally fed to us through out our lives and she pushes through those and does what she wants to do. I applaud that.

Congratulations Robyn! You are one iconic fashion girl.

Here is her humble acceptance speech. What do you think of her dress choice? Let's converse intelligently.