So I woke up this morning, excited to look through all the VMA red carpet looks. After looking through, all I can say, with the exception of a few, is that I was bored, disappointed and in one or two cases, horrified (here's looking at you Amber Rose).

I am disappointed first of all at the fact that there is no art in dressing anymore. I cannot count how many times I saw outfits that failed the most basic guidelines of style, fit, proportion and body type. Even more disheartening is the amount of money many of theses celebs pay "stylists" who have no comprehension of the basics. Here's a quote that kept running through my head as I looked through the pictures "Just because a look is trendy does not mean you forget how a garment should fall and flatter your body" I'll trademark that later lol.

Here are a list of my absolute favorites (JLO! JLO! JLO!), several that made me yawn and my worst of the evening. Click below to check them out.

  1. Best dressed of the night goes hands down to Jennifer Lopez. Wow!!!!! I saw her and I felt the need to say a prayer. I asked God to give me the discipline to look like she does when I'm her age, 45!!!! She definitely showed all the younger girls how it is done! Go Jenni!!!!
  2. Chanel Iman looked stunning unlike other members of the Balmain Army on the red carpet. Divino!
  3. Rita Ora looked so seductive in red. I tend not to be inspired by her fashion choices but this one is an exception. She definitely brought flashbacks of Elvira Hancock to my mind. One of my favorite female characters in a movie with great style.

  1. Kendall and Kylie came in 4th on my list, they looked stunning. Their outfits were the right fit, proportion and styled to complement their bodies. I was VERY impressed
  2. Jordin Sparks looked divine in white. That dress fit her perfectly and showed off just the right amount of skin
  3. Solange looked so beautiful in a full suit. I always die for boy meet girl looks. I also loved that the suit glistened under the sun. Two words, classy and edgy.


  1.  Olivia Culpo looked ravishing in that dress on Nick Jonas' arm. I wished there was a picture of her without Nick so that we could see the full dress. Regardless that dress was perfect on her. When girls with smaller bust lines wear a deep V neckline this well, I find myself wishing I had smaller boobs Ugh!!! I'm jealous.
  2. Miley looked beautiful too. I loved the balance of the bandeau and a full pant with volume. Although you see a lot of skin, there is still a classiness to this look because of that balance. Great choice Miley
  3. Laverne Cox looked stunning. I loved that although the dress was short, the strong shoulder detail and her choice of shoe seemed to offset that. Laverne you sure are a beautiful woman.
  4. Michelle Williams looked beautiful in this flowy number. The keyhole detail, perfect for small bust lines, did her justice.
The worst of the night are specially reserved for Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose and Taylor Swift. 
One word, WHY?!!!?
  1. Although I like Kim, her style of late has been VERY contrived. To me she does not choose outfits based on personal style but rather what will get her media coverage or prove that her body has bounced back from pregnancy or what's hot right now. Everything seems so forced and this is no exception. All I could think when this look first met my eye was "Kim, why do you try so hard when you don't have to?" Here is a perfect example of this quote "The label does not an outfit make" This Balmain frock does NOTHING for her body, instead it shrinks her, emphasizing her petite frame. Ok and can we talk about the obvious, BOOOOOBSSS!!!! Too much skin, boobs, big boobs at that and then legs, no balance or proportion at all. As a girl with big boobs and a petite frame myself, I avoid this at all costs. You tend to look tinier than you are and worst, you cross the line into trashy! Kim please sit down with your stylist or better yet sit with your self and find YOUR personal style, Kylie could help you there.
  2. Amber! Amber! Amber! Where do I begin. Your skin looks GORGEOUS, your makeup, hair and shoes are beautiful too but *cough* WHYYYYYY?!!!!! The top part of this "dress" is nice and then you look down and it's silver strings left. I love your body, a real woman's body but you have to dress to flatter it. The silver looked great against your bronzed skin but I can't help but shake my head. This is all types of wrong and I don;t even know how to elaborate on how wrong it is. There is a tasteful way to do revealing and THIS is not it. I'll just move on.
  3. Taylor I beg you to swiftly take off the diaper outfit you are wearing. Talk about wrong proportion! With her official crossover from country to pop music, I guess she's trying to show an edgier side but this does not work. The romper is waayyy too short and is bulging up to create a diaper look, Wrong choice there Tay Tay.
There were so many in this category, my gosh, yawn central. However, I chose these ladies that I am both a fan of. However, regardless of my fandom, when it comes to fashion I don't have a bias. The dresses on thier own are beautiful but on them are not inspiring. 
I sadly present Nicki Minaj and Beyonce (I am crying as I write this)
  1. Nicki, I've been rocking with you since your mixtape days. I am in love with the new cleaned up look, the Anaconda video had me twerking in my room but what's with the angry/frustrated look on red carpets recently. That helped kill the look in my opinion. You have a beautiful smile that is framed with cute dimples and you give us nothing. Now the dress is gorgeous but you can do better. Even worst is the shoes. Platform heels are phasing out and are just meh! yawn.
  2. Queen Bey I feel like I've see this dress before. It does nothing here, just a shiny black dress on Beyonce is what I see, nothing more. A dress should inspire exclamatives and this doesn't. It's just a similar dress in black to something you wore before. 
I may feel this way because I expected so much more from them. They looked beautiful nonetheless.

What did you think about the red carpet looks? Who was your worst and favorite?